Application and admission

What are the prerequisites to apply?

The prerequisites for admission to the B. Eng. Hydrogen Technology (Transnational) are a proof of...

  1. ...the general university entrance qualification,
  2. ...the subject-related university entrance qualification (also conveyed by the GJU pre-year)
  3. ...the advanced technical college entrance qualification, or
  4. entrance qualification for a bachelor's degree programme at universities of applied sciences recognized as equivalent by law or by the competent state authority.

(Most prospective students will be admitted to the programme through the successful completion of the pre-year by the GJU.)

The language admission requirements for the study programme are:

  • German language skills. Students must provide evidence of the following German certificates:
    • At the beginning of the programme (or by the end of the GJU pre-year): At least B1 (CEFR)
    • By the end of the 4th semester at the latest: At least B2 (CEFR), better C1 (CEFR)
  • English language skills. Students must demonstrate an English certificate of at least B2 (or TOEFL: at least 72) prior to the GJU pre-year. For those who do not have the relevant English language certificate at the time of enrollment for the pre-year, GJU offers the placement test. Applicants will be accepted as students of the pre-year if they can demonstrate English language skills on a B2 level or a level that can be raised to B2 by a single regular GJU English course. Affected students must expect to carry an overload in this respect. Admission in the German programme requires the submission of one relevant English language certificate at the time of application at the THWS.
Are Arabic language skills mandatory to enter the programme?

Arabic language skills can be an advantage for your time at GJU, but are not mandatory.

Do I need to know German to apply for this programme?

Not for the pre-year. You will acquire the programme’s required German first admission level of B1 during the pre-year.  Also during the time in the study programme at the GJU there will be extracurricular German classes to help you reach a C1 level or at least the second admission level at B2 before the end of the second academic year.

What language certificates are valid?

Different language certificates are accepted. For German:

  • Goethe Institute language certificate
  • DSH examination
  • TestDaF
  • etc.

For English:

  • Cambridge certificates
  • etc.

A more detailed list depending on the level can be found at the THWS website.

Also passed exams at the German Language Center of the GJU will be accepted as a proof.

What if I apply directly for the programme (no need for pre-year and already B1 German)?

In that case, you enter directly into the German degree programme and, of course, would skip all German language courses. In this rare case, technical classes would be taken together with the pre-year students to acquire basic engineering knowledge by taking courses from GJU’s Energy Engineering programme. Note, that the German programme officially starts no sooner in October 2024. However, we would find an individual solution for 2023, for sure. Just contact us in this respect.

How can I apply for the programme Bachelor Hydrogen Technology (Transnational)?

For now, you would apply through the GJU’s admission and registration department for the pre-year. For any specific questions kindly refer to the THWS Campus GATE Jordan team at GJU. We will guide you through the process.

When is the application period?

The application period for the pre-year usually starts during summer semester and lasts until the beginning of October. Detailed information about the exact start and end of the application period will be published either on the homepage of this website or the main page of this programme as soon they are commited.

Is it possible to enter late into the study programme if the winter semester is already in progress?

No. There is only one annual intake for the respective winter semester.